Step 1


We kick-off each customized case project with a professional and meticulous characterization process, ensuring a perfect fit for the needs, uses, and work environment in compliance with all required standards & regulations, During this step we will review.

Inner configuration

Product & sample protection, shock absorbent, visibility and functionality


In-the-field procedures, activation, interface with other products.

Technical requirements

Cleaning options, fall tests, storage temperatures, environmental impact, based on each customer` unique requirements.

Regulation / Standards

International industry standards, biocompatibility levels, fire retardant features and more.


Versatile branding options, shipping setup, quantities and pricing settings.

Step 2


We define, plan, and design the form, shape, features, and manufacturing process for your unique carrying case. We select the material and production method to best suit your requirements.

Plastic Technologies

We have extensive experience in plastic injection technologies: composite material parts, over-molding parts, plastic, and vacuum-forming parts.

Textile and Sewing

We specialize in advanced textile and sewing technologies, including multi-layered material thermoforming, reinforced materials, sewing, high-frequency soldering, and over-molding, resulting in light and robust products.

Metal Technologies

As part of our development process and based on product requirements, we develop and manufacture high-quality sheet metal parts and use technologies such as machining, casting, and extrusion.

Custom Carrying Cases with Custom Brand Design
Step 3


We deliver state-of-the-art OEM carrying cases and solutions. Our design & development team comprises of industrial designers and engineers with extensive experience in product development. At Shell-Case, we continuously invest in the research and development of new innovative technologies and capabilities.

Our CAD design-based offers the following benefits:

  • Open and easy communication between our customers and our development team.
  • Creation of product simulations and sample carrying case models.
Step 4


During this design stage of the development process, Shell-Case creates a one-of-a-kind case prototype for your approval. Following prototype approval, the pre-production stage begins. All production-related documents are prepared and issued, the prototype is transformed into mass-produced carrying cases, the tooling is prepared for production, and the case testing methodology is defined.

The production process is monitored from start to finish, ensuring that each case complies with the highest quality and standards.

Custom Carrying Cases with Custom Brand Design - AED

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