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At Shell-Case we have no restraints or limitations when it comes to providing custom case solutions designed with the best functionality and protection for your product.

As a leading custom case company, we turn ideas and needs into the most professional custom carrying cases in the market. All options are on the table – any shape, any material combination, any color and any branding option.

From hard shell carrying cases to sewn bags – we do it all. Our custom carrying cases highlight your brand and perfectly fit your product and its use for the best protection.

With over 20 years of experience and superior production capabilities built to the highest standards, Shell-Case serves leading companies in the areas of medical device and EMS equipment, optical, audio & visual devices, and many more.

We are inspired by your challenges! Let’s meet.

Custom Carrying Cases Stories

Surgical headlight system

Forming a new elegant and sophisticated carrying case for an extremely fragile and valuable LED mobile surgical headlight system, designed for surgical theater procedures.

Professional optic devices

Creating a unique dental loupe carrying case, with optimal modularity in mind. A unique case that would allow for a variety of dental loupe sizes and modules.

EMS case

Planning, designing and manufacturing a one of a kind, tailor-made carrying case for the this life-saving chest compression medical device.
Improving operational efficiency, allowing EMS operators to provide high-quality and safer chest compressions in emergency medical situations.

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