Professional optic devices

Challenges & requirements

In the design of this unique carrying case, we were required to keep modularity in mind.
The design must allow for a variety of different sizes and modules of dental loupes produced by the customer.


We focused on creating a case that would reflect the quality and design of the product within. The case was designed to combine functionality, modularity, strength, and lightness.
The final product reflected all of the above and more; a tailor-made, laminated thermoformed EVA case, with an interchangeable thermoformed AVA tray and a mesh pocket organizer.

Construction & material selection

  • Easy-to-clean, recyclable sponge
  • Advanced “breathable” storage compartments for main devices and accessories
  • Dual-component, recyclable polypropylene
  • Lightweight polycarbonate body
  • Wide color selection
  • High frequency welded molded corporate logo for a unique, stylish and distinguishable look

Every phase in the design of this one-of-a-kind professional optic device carrying-case was focused to provide excellent protection, exceptional functionality, elegance, and style.