SAFEPAK – Patented modular system of cases and pouches changing the way ambulance teams work.
The system is composed of durable polycarbonate shells and an internal, patented, modular, magnetic locking system made of sophisticated plastics and metals.

The Shell-Case “SAFEPAK” offers a patented, modular system of customizable medical device cases and pouches that are changing the way ambulance and medical teams work. The EMS medical device case, SAFEPAK, was designed to be portable and can be used when mounted on the ambulance wall and easy to dismount and carry around outside of the ambulance. With a lightweight construction from high quality Polycarbonate, plastic and metal materials, SAFEPAK meets ISO 9001 and Crash Test ISO, as well as REACH & RoHS standards.

SAFEPAK was engineered and developed to deliver top quality performance in extreme EMS environments. Our sophisticated medical device cases for ambulances consist of a patented magnetic attachment system that allows easy access and modular configuration for easy operation with one hand. Includes modular magnetic pouches, and a magnetic locking system.

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