Production Capabilities

Shell-Case is a center of knowledge and expertise for the development and manufacturing of technical textile products. We specialize in advanced textile and sewing technologies, thermoforming of multi-layered materials, including reinforced materials, sewing, high-frequency soldering, over moulding and manufacture machining, casting and extrusion of high-quality sheet metal parts.


At Shell-case, we offer high-end plastic component integration capabilities, improving functionality, design, and accuracy. We design and produce tailored made plastic parts utilizing production technologies such as; pressure injection, double & over-molding injection, vacuum forming, ultrasonic welding, and laser cutting. We excel at selecting the right material for the job, incorporating a large variety of polymers, including Polypropylene, ABS, ASA, PET, Polycarbonate, Polyamide, glass fiber reinforced polyamide, TPR, TPU, and more.


At Shell-Case, we develop and manufacture high-quality, engineered metal parts to complement, enhance, and provide high-level details to support your product. We use technologies such as; CNC machining, & turning, sheet metal, stamping, laser cutting, die casting, special coating, and painting on a variety of materials like; aluminum, steel, stainless steel, zinc, and more


With a long history in textiles, we master the selection of the precise textile for our cases, maximizing both performance and value. Be it polyester, Nylon, ballistic Nylon, EVA, and more. We know how to create the best carrying case solutions using various technics such as; sewing, thermoforming, high-frequency forming, laser cutting, and gluing supplementing each case with a variety of coating and printing technologies.


During the design stage of the development process, Shell-Case creates a one-of-a-kind prototype for your approval.

Product File

End-to-end production-related documentation is meticulously and methodically prepared and delivered to our customers

Production Preparation

The approved case prototype is transformed into a mass-produced carrying cases, the tooling is prepared for production, and the case testing methodology is defined.


Most of our manufacturing is done in-house using multiple technologies in the technical textile, plastic and metal parts fields, and a combination of these technologies.


The production process is monitored from start to finish, ensuring that it complies with the highest of standards.

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